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Maintenance Survey

This form is used to submit Maintenance Conversations pertaining to an employee (any employee, not just a Foreman) who notices a maintenance issue on something they are driving, operating, towing, etc. This form is also used by leaders to alert and resolve any issues relating to, but not limited to, all maintenance matters.

Add a description of what you see or hear. For example: the brakes are squeaking; the skid loader is due for a service soon; the right front tire is flat; the windshield wipers are torn; the heater isn’t working, etc.
Have you noticed a marker light is out or your wiper blade is torn?  If given the bulb or wiper blade, could you replace it when you get back to the shop?
Meaning, is it now unusable for your job today?
Please find an address closest to where the equipment is. If you’re not near a physical address, find the nearest cross streets or landmark (i.e. next to the Sunoco gas station on Main St) and explain the location.

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